Special Function of Gator Watch

Gator GPS watch provides parents a smart way
to track their kids and even listen to conversations

Real-time Tracking

The children safety has become a serious problem! Tracking your kids with smart GPS watch is the best and easiest way to avoid frightening moments.

Gator App will update the location of watch every 30 seconds (default value is 90 seconds) to the map which allows parents to know the precise locations of wearers.

Besides, Gator Watches also offer the historical tracking, so parents can track their children throughout the day.

Moreover, parents can also set up many Safe Zones for frequently visited areas (school, playground, etc.). And the App will alert you when your children arrive or leave the Safe Zones.

Voice Message

Gator Watch provides Two-way Voice Messages from both APP and Watch. And the watch can make and receive calls from up to 13 pre-set contacts (10 for the white list and 3 for SOS alarm).

Besides, watch wears can press SOS Button for 3 seconds in emergency situations and watch itself will call up 3 emergency contacts automatically until one of them pick up the phone.

Furthermore, Gator watch has a special Remote Voice Monitoring function to provide a smart way to make a call to hear what is going on around the watch wears (kids/family). However, using Remote Voice Monitoring function will cost you extra Telecom Charges.

Splash Proof

Exploring the world outside is a top priority for kids and Gator watch provides every child a safe and happy playing style outside.

Gator watch allows exercising, in the rain, and while washing hands, but submerging and swimming is not recommended.

In this case, kids can have fun all the time because watch can protect against splash water damage.

Besides, every strap of Gator Watch is made from food which is environment-friendly silicone material to give every kid a well made, durable, soft and comfortable GPS watch.


Long Battery Life

Gator Watch has 3 years long battery life and long average 72 hours standby time. So no more worries about charging watch all the time and keep your family connected all day long.

And we provide high-quality guaranteed GPS Watches with 1-year warranty for not only the battery but the watch itself.

Therefore, choosing Gator watch is your top priority to protect your kids/family from missing and any harm in the world.