FAQ about Watch:

1How do I set up the Gator watch?

1.Open lid carefully on the back of the watch with the screwdriver provided and insert SIM card. The lid can be troublesome to remove.

2.Download the ”Gator” app from the iOS store or Google Play on one phone initially.

3.Register in the Gator App and scan the EMEI code on the bottom side of the watch, or imprinted on the box it came in. If you are having trouble scanning the picture, you may type in the EMEI code manually.

Add your name and “phone number” (IMPORTANT: do not add country code 0086/+86). 

2Can I use Gator Watch without the SIM card inside?

No, you need to insert the 2G/3G SIM card inside the watch to get the Internet to activate the tracking function of the watch and a phone number for calling.

3What should I do if the time is incorrect, but I can still call the watch? How should I adjust the time?

If the time is incorrect, you can still use smart phone to call the watch. The watch will show the correct time after you adjust the time on the Gator App.

4Why does the SOS button not give off any sound?

The watch will not give off any signs when the SOS button has been pressed. Because this feature should only be activated in emergencies, and it only allows for one way communication from watch to show notification on the App.

5How long does the battery last?

It depends on how much you are using the Gator GPS Watch and it usually will last approximately 1 day for Gator 1 and 4-5 days for Gator 2.

But we still recommend charging the watch every night to be sure to have full battery anytime and anywhere.

FAQ about App:

1What is the Remote Voice Monitoring?

The function is for parents or any family members to make a phone call to the watch via App and then hear what is going on around kids or watch wearers. In this situation, you will not bother watch wearers and also can know what is happening around them. (However, it will cost you extra fee for using the 2G/3G from the telecom company)

2Why Gator watch does not only determine a location via GPS, but also WiFi?

The GPS only works outdoors. Therefore, we offer the WiFi for indoors tracking, and the watch will scan all these WiFi signals nearby to give a preciser location showed on the App and save the battery life of watch.

3How many children can I track at the same time?

You just need to scan a QR code or key in the IMEI number on the back of each Gator watch to add watches for tracking many children as you want via our App.

4Do App and watch use a lot of the 2G/3G Internet?

No, they don’t, but the exact usage depends on how many times you send alerts or requests for tracking on the app.

5Why if map is lagging on the Gator App?

The problem is not from the App itself because our App uses maps, which is 100% dependent on your mobile phone. If the version of your smartphones are too old which might caused the problem of lagging.


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